Ladies and Gentlemen... Roland Russell!

Submerged Fratboys

Pockets alternated between whistling and humming to himself as he set out the various bottles of liquor he’d managed to collect, or steal, over the last few years. IT was a pretty nice collection, given the state of the city. Then again, liquor was one thing that never really seemed to be in short supply.

He was hosting a small get-together at his broken apartment in Olympus Heights. Small was actually something of an understatement, as the only invited guests were Toasty and one of his friends, a bloke called “Jitters”. Pockets had only recently become acquainted and…he was more than a little excited to see him again. The short splicer didn’t have that much experience with men, but, it was unanimously agreed between the two or three he’d gotten intimate with that Pockets did a pretty good job for his first time with them. His first encounter had been with a Sicilian dockworker from Port Neptune. Much like the splicer himself, he’d been married before, though some time ago on the surface, and was eager to try something new. Pockets adored him…up until he committed suicide in his tenement in the Artemis Suites.

The performer sighed as he looked down at his collection of booze and snack foods, pretty much the only thing left that hadn’t spoiled or gone rotten or sour.

"Hm…not exactly a spread for the Queen, but, I suppose it’ll do. What d’you think, Toasty?" he asked to his friend.