Ladies and Gentlemen...Roland Russell!

a questionnaire for role players.

How long have you role played for:Technically, I started when I was about 13, but after 14, I took a long hiatus which didn’t start back up until about two years ago.

Your first rp genre: …The Harry Potter book series. On livejournal. -crosses self-

First character’s name:
Some ambiguous female student who just had a name and no real identity. And she stayed that way because I was a terrible “writer”.
First character’s face claim:
Emily Browning
First character’s species: Human

Last character’s name: I just deleted the blog I recently made for Baron Alexander of Brennenburg from the Amnesia series, because no one responded to my asks or posts. Frictional RP is dead or limited to really only the Penumbra series.
Last character’s face claim:
Last character’s species:
Extraterrestrial/transdimensional being

Current character’s name: Dr. J.S. Steinman, Roland Russell (OC), Frank Fontaine, and Baron Alexander of Brennenburg (off tumblr/where ever I can get). Considering bringing back my other OC, Jeremiah Stalk, but I really need to reevaluate his character.
Current character’s faceclaim: Errol Flynn/John Gilbert, Fred Astaire, and Tom Hardy
Current character’s species: All humans. I’m not really into anything other than that aside from maybe, MAYBE a goofy alien or two, and then only really for parody purposes.

How did you get into rp: Both times it was because a friend was into it and I thought it would spice up conversations and help me develop as a writer. So far both have held true and I’ve met some really rad people in the process.

Have you roleplayed with someone you know irl:
 Yes (that’s how I got “started” first back in the day).

What is your favourite genre of rp: I’m open to all sorts of plots and situations, except for cases of incest and paedophilia. Rape situations make me a little uncomfortable, but I’ll write them only as long as the other writer is comfortable with it. As far as genre with regards to what I’m RPing, I’ve only really done video games and books so far. I also have scores of time-period-based OCs (usually 1880-1940) that aren’t linked to any previous form of media or already existing story/series and it would be nice to find someone who was into that to write with (lately it’s been soldiers, suffragettes, and I’ve been writing more non-white characters).

What is your least favourite genre of rp: I, myself, am not a fan of shipping for the sake of shipping, especially when it comes to canon characters and especially if one is doing it just because they can live out weird fantasies they have or exploit certain groups of people (ie. gay men, people of colour, women/lesbians, ect). I don’t typically do “crossovers” (mixing character from one series with another), again because I like to stick to canon. And I’m really a huge opponent of out-there AUs, particularly stuff like “high school”, “modernised” (if period-based), or “futuristic”, you know…universes like that. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just not something I myself enjoy.

If you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be: The constant exploitation of gay people, at least that’s how I see it. I feel like a large portion of people who write and draw for RP out there make homosexual characters just for the sake of drawing two guys kissing without any regard for canon and more importantly, LGBT+ rights. And I feel lesbians, trans people, and people of colour are very maligned in general, independent of what I said before.

How long has a plot lasted for you: I’ve had threads with upwards of 50 notes and I’ve had ones that were 2 notes. Honestly, if things get dropped, it’s usually on me because I’m a full-time student nearing graduation and have a lot of things going on in my life and so tend to forget threads. I also, admittedly, need to do a better job of keeping my threads listed so I don’t forget who I’m writing with. 

Are you open for plotting:
Almost always.

What fc are you craving to play as of late: The problem with me is that the characters I usually pick to play are time-period-based and I like to use actors/entertainers/people from that particular time period to do them justice; and many of them aren’t widely known so there aren’t many GIFs available, which I like to use often. For example, I love actor John Gilbert for Dr. J.S. Steinman given how expressive and creepy he can be (as he was a silent film actor), but there are only a handful of GIFs of him, and I haven’t made any of them so I feel strange using them.

An apology to the GIF creators.

Hello, Central? Give Me Dr. Jazz || Kyle Fitzpatrick-Roland Russell


Kyle had put that ad up. He remember vividly catching a bit of hell for it on Cohen’s part, however…he had neither been fired or maimed, so Mr. Cohen most not have thought it was that bad of an idea. But what the other man asked of next caught him a little off guard.

Not that it wasn’t common for other musicians to proposition him as such…he just hadn’t been contacted by megastars like Russell. Usually because they went through Cohen first rather than Kyle himself and his mentor nine out of ten times turned them down. Sander only “shared” his disciple when there was something in it for him. Fitzpatrick swallowed heavily, staring down at the short singer.


"I…I mean…wow, Mr. Russell!" An impossibly wide grin spread across the pianist’s face. "I’m really honored that you came to ask me! I mean, I’m sure you’ve got a perfectly talented pianist in your studio, but…I really do appreciate it." With that, he outstretched a hand. "You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Russell. I’ll gladly do so!" After shaking his hand, the disciple addressed the other matter as well.

"Oh, and about the jazz group…I’m still getting together musicians, but I’m sure I’ve got another talented singer, a bass player, and I’m waiting on word from a saxophonist. I’m not counting on him, though. We’ve got a ways to go, but I’m hoping any work with you will get some word out on the street. You are pretty well-known, sir.”

Roland clapped a hand on one of his shoulders, smiling equally brightly.

"Excellent! I’m certainly glad you’re up for it! I mean, don’t get me wrong…I love my studio’s resident pianist and songwriter, and he can play different style of jazz but his heart isn’t always in it, y’know? Not only that, I want a chance to showcase other musicians in this city. So I though, who else than Mr. Fitzpatrick?”

Taking a seat in a chair, Roland hung his straw hat on one of his knees. “So, if you’ve got a moment or two, I thought we could perhaps go over what sort of artists and styles we’d like to replicate. I mean, if you’re busy, we can reschedule, but if you’re not, why don’t you dazzle me with some of your knowledge, hm?”

Stop No. 1 || Ollie Turner-Roland Russell


❝Ain’t waitn’ for nobody,❞ Ollie said, still wary of the man. ❝Waitin’ for meself. Er, sort’a.❞ He couldn’t help himself; he shifted a minuscule amount away when the man sat down on the bench. He didn’t want to be mistrustful, but the man made him uncomfortable. He probably was harmless, though.


Ah, ‘pollo. Where y’from? 

Roland didn’t notice the boy’s heightened guard. Instead, he leaned back on the bench, fishing around for his packet of Oxford Clubs in his jacket.

"Currently, I live in Olympus Heights, but I wasn’t always fortunate enough to be there. Oh, I’m familiar with the Square, I am. I spent the first two months of my life down here in a hole-in-the-wall flat in the Artemis Suites. Once in a while I stop back there to do a show or two for free." Here, Roland paused, shaking his head as he, for once, smiled at the harsh memories of his life on the surface.

"Up until I moved down here, my life was all about scavenging and just trying to get by. I know what sort of hardships the people down there experience and my heart goes out to them.

…I’m sorry! I’m rambling now. I can only imagine how much you don’t care about my sob-story of a past. What brings you out here, if I might further?”


"You’ll do what the rest of us have done. You’ll pick a side. And you’ll survive. It’s all that’s left Rolland."


Everything was happening at once. Nothing made sense and nothing seemed fair. Everyone had to suffer just because a group of violent rowdies attacked a restaurant? The whole entire city had to begin to crumble just because of one incident? And why did he have to pick sides? Wasn’t this creed of the whole city about looking out for oneself?

It didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense and it wasn’t fair. Not to people like Roland Russell, who made their living entertaining and doing what they loved. If everyone was afraid to even stop out of their homes, how would he be able to do what he so loved? Russell felt tears welling up in his eyes, a lump rising in his throat.

"But…but….b-but I’m ‘Rapture’s Sweetheart!’ I’m one of the city’s favourite performers! It’s not fair! It’s not fair I tell you! Why should we have to suffer because of some stupid rebels?! Why should I have to suffer?! Haven’t I suffered enough in this world?!

And why the hell should I have to pick sides?! I don’t care about who’s angry at or disagreeing with whom! It’s not fair!!!”


"La Mer" written and sung by Charles Trenet

"Admittedly, I sing to myself in French more often than I sing to audiences. I don’t really know why. Perhaps I should do for the masses more…it usually is well received."

Your muse walks in on my muse undressing and catches the various scars along their body. What is your muses reaction? What do they do?



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This is what our teacher taught us on the last day of French class.  Did I mention she’s awesome?

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I could dance nightly just holding you tightly my sweet,
I could keep right on because you’re so light on you’re feet.
You’re easy to dance with.

You’re Easy to Dance With" sung by Fred Astaire



Bye bye love
Bye bye happiness
Hello loneliness
I think I’m-a gonna cry-y

Bye bye love
Bye bye sweet caress
Hello emptiness
I feel like I could die-y
Bye bye my love, goodbye-y [x]

"…IT’S SO TRUE!!!" Sobbed Roland, falling messily into Silas’ lap, spilling half of his seventh martini onto both of them.