Ladies and Gentlemen... Roland Russell!
Title: The End Result of 11 Months in the Mental Hospital
Artist: His Hero is Gone
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American hardcore/crust punk. From the album “Fifteen Counts of Arson”.

"Quick easy diagnosis finds you guilty for the crime of being in pain.
Stripped of all rights and strip-searched.
White walls and white washed.
Robbed of your humanity.
An extreme form of insult to injury…”

the-girl-in-the-tower replied to your post:
// Omg yes! Her and Russell being pen pals is such a sweet idea! Also yes, I loved it and I still have our thread on my to-do list. I’m sorry. I’ll work on it tomorrow. Promise. -hides in shame-

((I’m glad you like it XD But it’s alright! I just wasn’t sure because I tend to put drabbles off until I’m in a really stellar writing mood. Feel free to take your time, there’s never a rush <3))