Ladies and Gentlemen... Roland Russell!


Fred Astaire makes breakfast in The Sky’s the Limit (1943).

;Headcanons: Mother


Roland’s mother, Amelie, worked as a nude model in various artistic institutes around Paris during the turn of the century. So that means there are hundreds of naked drawings of her floating around France, and maybe even further.

Roland Russell’s Audio Diaries: Playing with Fire


"I was informed the other day that for the next set of shows, the studio wants me to do a cover of that "You Belong to Me" song. If my calculations are correct, Mr. Cohen is the one that made that song popular. I mean, I’ll be the only party that will suffer now that Hector and I aren’t together, but…do I really wanna try my luck? I’ve still got myself to think about, after all and suffering by Cohen’s hand isn’t the way I wanna go. That man’s an even bigger maniac that I am and he’s got quite a far reach. I mean it’s a good tune and all and there’s no law that says I can’t cover someone else’s song, but I just…don’t know if this is a good idea. And what’s more, I don’t know how to bring it up to Mr. Banks.

…This certainly is playing with fire, isn’t it.”

"I Don’t Need Therapy" by A Cloud in Circle. Depressive/suicidal black metal from Argentina. From the "In the Solitary Illusion of Forests" split.

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